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Alyson Burkett 

Meet Alyson Burkett, CRPC®
I grew up in Kennesaw, Georgia and was fortunate to spend my summers with
my grandparents in Evergreen, Alabama. I have a Bachelor of Business
Administration with a focus in Economics and Finance from Auburn University
and am a die-hard Auburn fan (War Eagle!). After taking and passing an
extensive course in 2014, I have earned the Chartered Retirement Planning
Counselor™ designation. I have been a financial advisor with Waddell & Reed
Inc. since 2009. I am the secretary for the Atlanta Chapter of Women in
Financial Services. My husband, Brian, and I have a very active toddler boy. We
enjoy spending time with our son exploring the outdoors. As he grows older, we
plan to start traveling again so he can experience different countries’ cultures
and learn to see the world from different perspectives. I am a member of a local
Atlanta running club and I have completed several half marathons.
What Makes You Successful As An Advisor?
Whether working with individuals or families I believe it is important to
collaborate with them when developing their financial plan so they can pursue
their financial goals. Providing tailored financial planning advice is a different
conversation for each family. Every family has different goals and a level of
risk with which they are comfortable. Every plan needs to include flexibility to
handle life’s unexpected events. Without a tailored plan and ongoing
guidance, goals may not be met.
How Did You Know You Wanted To Be A Financial Advisor?
Growing up I spent my summers with my grandparents in Evergreen, Alabama.
My grandfather was an accountant who transitioned to owning a small corner
grocery store. I spent many hours “helping” in the store stocking shelves,
counting and rolling money. It was during these summers that my grandfather
realized I had a natural aptitude for math and business. My grandfather
encouraged me to follow in his footsteps by going to Auburn University. Before
my senior year at Auburn, I realized that my natural inclination in business and
math could be used to assist others in pursuing their financial goals . In 2009, I
joined Waddell & Reed and obtained my Series 7 (General Securities
Representative Examination), 66 (Uniform Combined State Law Examination),
and life insurance licenses.
Explain Your Love for Financial Literacy and What Does It Mean?
Financial literacy is the ability to understand and apply financial management
skills. As simple as it sounds, the day to day management of money can be
difficult for households. Cash flow planning, debt management, having an
emergency fund, and investing for the future are important topics for a
successful financial future. I love when finances provide a clearer picture for the
future. I enjoy working with families and small business owners to help them
accomplish their personal financial goals.
What Is Your Favorite Financial Quote?
“You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.”
-Dave Ramsey

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