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Joining WIFS is easy.  Visit and click the JOIN NOW link for full information about dues and member benefits.   National dues are $260 per year per year/pro-rated based on when you join and the Atlanta Chapter dues are $50/year.  We hope you’ll become a member today!  


We have a lot going on at WIFS Atlanta and we want you to be a part of it.  



The following are my thoughts pertaining to the intangible benefits and values of being a member of WIFS:
* Join an organization that is committed to the professional development of women.
* An opportunity to be a mentee, or to be a mentor; ongoing professional networking and dialog.
* Stay on top of what’s happening in your industry.
* Establish career long relationships with successful industry peers.

Cassandra R. Stiff
Winners keep score!



Three reasons why I joined WIFS:
1. Wanted to be a part of something.
2. Wanted to associate with other strong successful women.
3. Wanted o give back in a great organization.
I have meet some incredible talented women. Have enjoyed some great meetings and sharing of ideas.

Susan Glass
New York Life



Why I am a part of WIFS:
1. To network with and learn from other women professionals in the financial services industry
2. To help give back to the industry by volunteering with other women professionals
3. To strengthen my professional life by hearing from speakers in the industry

Emily Beran
Recruiting/Licensing Coordinator
MassMutual Piedmont Financial, LLC



My involvement with this group goes back to the days when we were WLUC. Having worked in the Carrier world for over 20 years, I knew the day would come when I would be an independent producer. The relationships and insights I gained over the years through interacting with WIFS talent helped shape my future.
My learning curve for product knowledge, Carrier processes, etc., has easily been cut in half.
While these things are most valued, the real treasure has been the ongoing quality of mutually respected friendships gained from such a highly Professional and personable group.


Christy B. Watrous

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